a program for computing with Automata, Monoids, and Regular Expressions

AMoRE is an implementation of automata theory algorithms, including


AMoRE runs on Linux. It is aimed at both uses who want a nice graphical user interface and programmers who want to use the algorithms from Java or C programs.

The language bindings are stable and more or less complete, but the GUI is still buggy and a lot of functionality is missing.

Most of the development of AMoRE was done at Lehrstuhl für Informatik VII, Logik und Theorie diskreter Systeme and before, at the University of Kiel. The older, terminal-based version (ncurses) of AMoRE (version 3) has more functionality and can still be found here

Publication (a bit outdated w.r.t. new version, but valuable):
O. Matz, A. Miller, A. Potthoff, W. Thomas, E. Valkema, Report on the Program AMoRE ,Report 9507, Inst. für Informatik u. Prakt. Mathematik, CAU Kiel, 1995.


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